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Gov Okowa calls on stakeholders to synergize against drug abuse amongst children



The Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa has called on stakeholders in the state, including care givers to join hands with government to wage war against drug abuse among children through awareness creation on its danger, especially among our children so as to have a better tomorrow.

Governor Okowa who was represented at occasion by his deputy, Deacon Burutu Otuaro explained that the theme for this year’ celebration, “Drug Abuse Among Children”, was most apt for our time and season, stressing that drug abuse had become a national malaise afflicting youths across the country.

The governor stated that children were growing up today in a frightening global environment of moral turpitude, dysfunctional families, breakdown of social values and corrupting influence of the media.

He maintained that childhood was the most important period in the life of an individual especially since it was the period that the foundation was laid and on which the rest of one’s life was later built.

Governor Okowa added, “Those who are fortunate to have a good foundation spiritually, morally, and educationally are very likely to do better in life than those who do not”.

He stressed further that parents should bear in mind “We are accountable to God on how we discharge our obligations towards the children, knowing very well that our future as a state and nation will be defined by the quality of today’s children. We should collectively help every child to realise his or her God -given potentials. To my dear child, I call on all of you to say no to drugs and substance abuse.”

Governor Okowa appealed to parents and guardians to strive and give the best of education to their children and wards for them to be relevant and competitive, and parents should also morally fortify their children and protect them from the wave of dubious moral relativism sweeping across the globe.

The Governor advised that parents should teach their children the difference between “good and evil’ and “right and wrong”, remarking that it was inappropriate to leave the upbringing of children in the hands of teachers stressing that children’s freest times occur when they were at home.”

He urged teachers to show greater responsibility towards the children under their care and that they should avoid leaving the children to go hawking goods and services during school hours

According to Governor Okowa, “Our children must also be taught the virtues of hard work, civic obligation, respect to elders, self-reliance, generosity, tolerance and good neighbourliness, Negative values like dependency, parasitism and begging, should be frowned at and discouraged among children. Good moral upbringing is the building block of the foundation for a successful and responsible adulthood”

Governor Okowa revealed that on their part as government, “We will continue to provide the best education through quality schools, teaching aids and materials. Social welfare and the right environment for children and teachers to thrive, we will continue to do more, irrespective of financial constraints because of our firm belief that Education is the greatest legacy to leave behind and our children are the glorious future we envisage.”

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