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Eloho Jacko Emerges New Odio-Ologbo Of Irri Kingdom




Jubilation on Friday, July 21, 2023, thrilled the entire Irri Kingdom in Isoko South Local Government Area as Chief Eloho Jacko was crown the new Odio-Ologbo of Irri Kingdom.

The stool of the Odio-Ologbo has been a subject of controversy for some years, following the demise of the last king in 2015 and the subsequent passage of the regent 2 years after.

However the controversy was
finally been laid to rest after the emergence of HRM, Eloho Jacko who was said to have been chosen by the gods and fulfilled all the necessary traditional rights and rituals as demanded by custom.

Speaking with journalists shortly after performing the coronation rites, the Osewo (King maker), Chief Omoefe Goodluck said Elohor Jacko was the only individual that fulfilled all the traditional and constitutional requirements and hence his crowning him.

He said; “I represent Omode family which have the traditional responsibility to crown a king for the kingdom. It is only the Osewo that has the power to perform the ‘Evo rite’ and without the Evo you cannot ascend the throne. I’m the only Osewo in Irri, I’m the only Osewo in Omode family.

“We were supposed to perform the coronation two days ago, we don’t do things illegally, we wrote a letter to the Governor’s Office, the Deputy Governor’s office, the local government, and the relevant security agencies. I was surprised when the Area Commander called me and said, there were some people claiming they were the once that were supposed to be crowned.

“When we got to the Area Commander’s office at Ozoro, we all met, the Area Commander asked, you, you said you are the right person, you you said its your turn, this is a traditional matter, no need to go to court, no need to go to the police, that we should go before the gods and swear, whoever is lying should die within seven days.

“Everyone now entered into agreement and signed it before the Area Commander. Behold when we got home, we asked them to come and swear but behold none of them came because they are afraid to die because they know it is not their turn. It was only Odion Jacko that stood, and said he was ready to swear, that even our kingdom gods are not enough we should go to gods of our brothers, Oleh and Irri.

“So Odion Jacko, now His Royal Majesty, Eloho Jacko was the last man standing and now the King of Irri Kingdom. I have announced him round the entire quarters in the kingdom and it was a wide jubilation. He has been well accepted all over the kingdom. No one else can come to say or claim other wise.”

On his part, the crowned Odio-Ologbo, HRM,,Eloho Jacko, called on his co-contestants to embraced peace and eschew any bitterness.

“It is only a good thing that is always fought for, but only one person can occupy the seat at a time”.

He assured of his preparedness to to ensure peace, progress and prosperity reign in Irri Kingdom, adding that crisis will never attracts progress and prosperity.

“My emergence is not by my power neither a honour taking upon myself, it is by the will of the ancestors (gods), and the people of the kingdom. I submitted my self for all scrutiny and traditional rites and rituals, so no one can say I didn’t not pass through all the process.”

He called on all Irri indigenes to join hand with him to develop the kingdom, even as he encouraged all indigenes to embrace skills and education, maintaining that before the white collar jobs, the people have away of fending for themselves.

( SouthernVoicenews)

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