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NUJ Eulogizes Life and Times of Obi Martha Dunkwu




In the words of Dr Afamefuna Dunkwu-Okafor, the biological seed of our dearly beloved mother of inestimable worth, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu, “we are not mourning but celebrating her”.

Indeed, it would be difficult to talk about you in the past as your life of service to entire humanity – the womenfolk and men alike; the African traditional institution (especially the pacesetting reformations of the Omu institution – traditional administration and authority); the Anioma Nation, Delta State, Nigeria and Africa in general – would yet remain relevant to us and in the future yet to come.

Beyond Okpanam, your nativity, your influential grace of motherhood transcended Anioma in Delta State to faraway Nsukka Clan of autonomous kingdoms, where you were conferred with the ominous title of “Nneoha” (Mother of All – Beyond Borders).

The royal motherhen you are, you advocated for the womenfolk to complement the men in dispensing power and God-given resources, without necessarily engendering rivalry or unnatural quest for undue usurpation of the role of man from creation.

You remained a fortress and resort for women in power and authority, whilst mentoring young women and wives – not a few – to be submissive to their heads in matrimonial and socio-cultural settings.

On your goodwill, you undertook unsolicited mediations, arbitrations and conflict resolution missions to restore peace, harmony to enstranged and ruffled relationships between brothers, sisters, kinsmen and kindred, communities, the powerful and weak, among chiefs, kings and their subjects – more often at your own cost and sacrifice.

HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu, great mortals who saw into the deep recesses of your gracious endowments had courted you for keeps but their desires could not materialise because your Creator had ordained you the Mother of All.

A quintessential media personality and excellent public relations guru, your professional imprints and footprints are still indelible perfumes in the revered ancient palace of Benin kingdom.

For us in NUJ Delta Council, you will be sorely missed, as we were bracing up to a swell working relationship with you only for your Maker to blow the whistle for your time up.

We will continue to find solace in the native and contemporary wisdoms you have imparted in us and your everlasting legacies, stored up in your literary works and traditional relics.

Adieu motherhen! Journey well Nneoha!

Comrade Churchill Oyowe,
Chairman, NUJ Delta Council

Comrade Victor Sorokwu,
State Secretary, NUJ Delta Council

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