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By Patrick Ochei

A Coal Mining company, Mosra Energy Limited has donated 250 bags of 5kg rice, 500 pieces of wrapper and 250 pieces of customized bags to Ugboba community in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State.

The items were received by His Royal Majesty, Agbogidi Obi Ezedimbu Emmanuel Nkebakwu 111, Obi of Ugboba Kingdom for onward distribution to his people.

Meanwhile, as a responsible and well exposed King, the Monarch proactively summoned a meeting of Ugboba General Assembly (Izuani), where the gift items were shared to the three quarters – Ogbe-Obi, Umuaregbezie and Akpoma Quarters making up Ugboba according to the order of seniority.

While handing over the gift items to the Diokpas of the Quarters on Saturday 22nd April, 2023, to share to their people, Obi Nkebakwu harped on the need for transparency and accountability in dealing with the people, affirming that it is a sin to God and the Ancestors of the land to tamper with what is meant for the entire community.

He appreciated them for their peaceful disposition towards his rulership, maintaining that God had ordained that he would serve them and that he would continue to serve them well in accordance with God’s injunctions.

Speaking to newsmen at the distribution centre, the President General of Ugboba Development Union, Mr. Iyke Nnabuife commended Mosra Energy for the gift, adding that as a transparent community, they had decided to share it to every Quarter to handle their own people accordingly.

He also appreciated the amiable Monarch for being a true father that has continued to attract good fortunes to his people in terms of human and community development.

His words, “What Mosra Energy has done is unprecedented of a mineral exploration company to think of its host community first by bringing foodstuffs and other items to them unsolicited. We use this medium to appreciate them for their kind gestures.

“Let me assure them that Ugboba community is a peace loving one, and our people are eager to see development continue to filter in. As such, we will cooperate with them as they commence Lignite Coal mining operations in the community”, the PG said.

In addition, the PG gave a background to the operations of the mineral developers by explaining that the company is also in Ukwu-Nzu, Ugbodu and Obomkpa for mining activities.

He said, the test run of their exploration had been carried out already, while full project would commence as soon as they are done with the road infrastructural project from Ukwu-Nzu through Ugboba to Obomkpa.

Talking about the effect of exploration on the community, the PG affirmed that the Environmental Impact Assessment that was done from the Federal, State, Local Government Area and four communities involved, indicated that there would be no adverse effect on the people; adding that “a workshop was organised to this effect in Asaba, where expert explanation was given, and we had representatives as a community”.

Speaking further, he said that the company would deploy modern technology in its explorative activites, and as such, there won’t be any adverse effect on the health of the people.

Making a clarification that the gifts might have been given to buy the conscience of the people of the Community, the Secretary General of Ugboba Development Union, Chief Ofili Otobo said, the same quantity of gifts were equally given to Ukwu-Nzu, Ugbodu and Obomkpa communities, maintaining that there was no string attached.

He said, “Ugboba is a peaceful community and we trust our Obi and leaders to guide us aright. Our composture and conduct has even earned us the privilege of being the first community where the mineral exploration would take off from. We coexist peacefully here in Ugboba because we have a system of land ownership that is strictly communal.

“This gift is a freewill reachout to the host communities and not intended to compromise anybody. We have a Coal Committee comprising of the four communities involved, and there is no place where this free gift is part of the Comunity Development Agreememt (CDA)”, the Secretary explained.

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