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Defection: Stop sulking like a beaten baby, Kalu tells Umahi



National Coordinator, PDP Coalition, PDPCO, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu


The recent outburst exhibited by Ebonyi State Governor, Engr Dave Umahi has continued to generate reactions, even as many concerned citizens and human rights writers have called on Umahi to desist from fanning embers of crisis where such is nonexistent.


The Nigerian people woke up last week to a surprising accusation leveled by Umahi on other PDP Stalwarts from the state who he vowed to fight to a standstill over what he termed as “Rumours”, coming from unverified sources, but which he deem credible enough to stir more tentions in the already tensed polity, dragging the security operatives to a non-existent war he (Umahi) want to raise in Ebonyi state to punish other PDP Stalwarts that refused to decamp to APC with him.

Recall that Umahi accused Chief Anyim Pius Anyim, former Senator and Secretary to Federal Government, SFG, Senator Sam Egwu, former Governor of Ebonyi State and other top PDP Stalwarts of plotting and hiring thugs to cause crisis in the State, even when he said the rumour was unverified.

Reacting to such weighty accusations in a chat with pressman, The National Coordinator, PDP Coalition, PDPCO, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, said that what Umahi is doing is playing to the gallery for not having his defection the way he calculated it, but insisted that he is not perturbed by such tantrums and absolute laothsomeness coming from a man that has benefitted so much from PDP, but has turned to lick his vomit. He said he was only worried that Umahi may have bad plans against his perceived opponents in Ebonyi State and what he is doing now is a coverup to absolve himself of whatever plans he must have cooked.

“Nobody has issue with Umahi decamping to APC, but if he didn’t find it palatable like he envisaged, he shouldn’t be whimpering like a child spanked by his mother, he should sulk in his pains like a man an face his realities, that’s what politics is all about, sometimes you lose sometimes you gain, now he has lost, he should not drag the state into crisis to get back at people who saw ahead of him in the political terrain of Nigeria.

“Is it not ironical to say that Ebonyi State for many years had remained peaceful under PDP, then immediately he decamped to APC, Umahi is talking about a phantom plot that is capable of causing further crises in Nigeria and intentionally dragging the security apparatus into whatever mischief he is cooking up?.

“This is why every Nigerians, especially Ebonyians should be worried. I am calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to activate every mechanism neccessary to Investigate Umahi before he causes further security issues borne out of his personal vendetta. He should not be allowed to hide under the shadow of APC to cause carnage that will further escalate the precarious state of our dear nation”. He opined.

Chief Kalu further advised Ebonyians to remain law abiding as the whole Nigerians will continue to watch and wait for whatever Umahi is cooking up to punish those that refused to join him in his political suicide mission.

“Only a man that brought home an ant infested firewood should be worried of ants. We are a peaceful party, Ebonyi is a peaceful state and therefore no ambition of one man can prove it otherwise.

“Whatever position Umahi has find himself now, he should know that many had occupied if before him and many will still occupy it after he has long gone. Therefore he should not abuse his powers by witch hunting people whose political opinions differ from his.

“The chief aim of all of us as politicians is to give the best to our people and make life more conducive for them as far as we can possibly make it and not to engulf them in woes out of our own ambition”, he concluded.

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