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Delta is Only Guaranteeing Our Farmers, Not Borrowing 25 Billion- Aniagwu




By Emeka Akataobi

Delta State Commissioner for Information Mr Charles Aniagwu has reiterated governments effort in ensuring that farmers in the state gets boost in other to increase their produce.

Aniagwu stated this while briefings news men in Asaba the Delta State Capital saying that the state government only guaranteed the farmers in the state through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) 25billion naira intervention fund to farmers in the state.

The clarification came after mixed reactions from the opposition that the administration of Governor Okowa went again to borrow 25billion naira, few months after the initial 150billion borrowed.

The information Commissioner who explained the reason for the CBN to involve the state government in the disbursement of the fund to farmers is because the state knows who is actually a farmer, he is into a full time production and has the capacity to expand and repay the loan.

He further explained that the state government and the ministry of Agriculture is saddled with the responsibility to ensure that the funds gets to the existing farmers not emergency farmers who would want to venture into farming because of the loan.

He further stated that the loan has an interest rate of less than 10% adding that if government is not there to support private sector, “where is the enabling environment we are talking about”.

Responding to questions over the emergence of Governor Okowa as the running mate of the People Democratic Party flag bearer, Aniagwu said that the party is much ready and prepared, consulted wildly and came up with a standard flag bearer that is adding value to the ticket of the party.

“While other political parties are still shopping for candidate that will become vise presidential flag bearer. We as Nigerians need to know who is ready and understands the situation at the moment”.

According to him, the mission is to change the change,to rescue our country from the All Progressive Congress APC led federal government.

“Indeed we want to ensure that our peaple in Delta are not mislead to begin to think that these persons who don’t understand what governance is all about can afford to mistakenly ever take over the affairs of the state because we don’t want to move backwards”. He said.

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