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APM Candidate For Delta State House Of Assembly, Sir Okonji Receives Royal Blessing From Omu Anioma





By Patrick Ochei


The candidate of the Allied People’s Movement (APM) for Delta State House of Assembly, Oshimili North State Constituency and Omelora of Ibusa, Sir Dr. Felix Okonji has paid a consultative visit to Omu Anioma, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu where he received a Royal Blessing ahead of the 2023 general election.

Omu Dunkwu who commended the politician for his widely acknowledged philanthropic gestures, wished him well in his political journey to represent the people of Oshimili North Local Government Area at the State Parliament.

She said that the nation needs people of proven integrity and mental capacity to drive the political leadership of the country from the coming election, maintaining that we have lagged behind for too long in developmental leadership.

Omu Anioma gave her blessing to Sir Okonji, praying and declaring that it’s a season of contest and not a season of death; and so therefore, no Anioma son or daughter in the race for any political office would kill or be killed.

She posited that her stand as a mother is for Anioma sons and daughters in the political race of 2023, to play by the rule without harbouring any intentions to kill another.

Her words, “I pray that no death will near you. I pray that nobody will kill you and you will not kill anybody either, intentionally or unintentionally. I pray that evil that beclouds politics will be far from you, you will only excel and emerge victorious just as you have desired.

“Our God Almighty and our great Ancestors will guide you, protect you and direct you in all your endeavours during campaigns, election and even after election. The peace of God will always go with you and you will always conquer the forces of darkness”, Omu Dunkwu declared.

Earlier in his address to Omu Dunkwu by way of stating his mission, Sir Okonji eulogized her for her sterling leadership qualities and impeccable mentoring personality, positing that his long dream of meeting with her had finally come to fruition.

He said, “We are humble and loyal to your authority as our mother, and that is why we have come to consult with you and to seek your blessings ahead of our campaigns.

“You are indeed Nneoha with matchless power and authority. Your open door policy is unimaginable.

“I am a child of history, and having followed your activities over the years, I make bold to ascribe the best of virtues to you as far as motherhood is concerned. We cannot continue our political journey without your motherly blessings and advice.

“My party – the Allied People’s Movement may be small, but my followers are not small. Together, we are strong as men of proven faith and integrity, who are launching out their best potentials for the good of society. It’s our utmost desire to change the narrative in order for the system to run unfettered quality representation and good governance for our people, both old and young.

“I want to stand for Oshimili North people in this contest for the House of Assembly, to ensure that they get all their rights from the system. We are not just coming out as novices in people oriented leadership; we are coming out because we have our antecedents that can be verified and attested to. If the people remember my antecedents, they will support me.

“We must all agree that 2023 must be different. Seeing the Youth Movements and the eagerness in the people for a change, you will know that our time for the people’s leadership has come.

“God Himself is involved in this. And of course, the structured Government and the structured politicians know that with your support and everybody’s cooperation, we will stand firm to speak truth to power and of course, the truth that can only liberate us all.

“Let me assure you that women and children must have their pride of places in our agenda. We must put control mechanisms in place to ensure adequate security of our people; we must not allow outsiders to overwhelm us and overrun us with insecurity.

“Your Majesty, as the Omelora who has achieved in life and has helped where help was needed, I am assuring you that my foray into the race is to serve on a larger scale. Leadership by service is what I have come down to Nigeria to render to my people. Thank you ma for your usual support and confidence that you have always reposed in us for quality and honesty”, Okonji submitted.

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