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We Stand Solidly With Sheriff For Governor  – Ohaneze Nd’Igbo, Delta State




The Delta State South and Central Senatorial Districts chapter of the Pan-Igbo cultural group, Ohaneze Nd’Igbo, have declared their support for the emergence of Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori as Governor of Delta State in the 2023 election.


They made the declaration on Saturday when they paid him a courtesy visit at his Osubi home.


The delegation led by its Delta South/Central Districts President, Chief Chiedu Idama, in company with members of his executive committee, said they are most comfortable with Oborevwori following his history of cooperation and support for the Igbos in the area for several decades and they are sincerely convinced that they will enjoy even greater support with him as Governor of the state.


Speaking first, the Legal Adviser of the group, Chief Barr Oliver Eze, said “it has been ordained by God for Oborevwori to be Governor of Delta State and so shall it be.”


“We know you are the next Governor of Delta State. We have heard about you. We know you. We have followed you and we are pleased with your peacefulness, cooperation and support. Therefore, we are solidly behind you.


“In every community in Delta South and Central, Ohaneze Nd’Igbo is the next largest in population to the indigenes. We have a loud voice in the political arena of Delta State. We gave our support to His Excellency, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, not because he is an Igbo but because he is a good man. We know that you too as a good man and have what it takes to take Delta State to the promised land. During your administration as Speaker and Okowa as Governor, we enjoyed Delta State more than ever before. The relative peace in Delta State speaks volumes. We are happy we are living peacefully and we pray that we will enjoy more peace under your tenure.


“We are businessmen and we are in every street of Delta State. I have the instructions of my leader, the executives and entire members of Ohaneze to inform you that we will work to ensure your victory in the 2023 election. We are going to vote and defend our votes in your support.”


Calling on all Igbos in Delta State, especially in Delta South/Central to see Oborevwori as their own and vote massively for him, President of the chapter, Chief Idama revealed various personal encounters with him through the years, saying he has always been amazed at his humility and love for people.


“The bond of Warri brotherhood started long ago and we cannot have it better than now that we are talking about a Warri boy as Governor. We are in Warri and we don’t have any other choice. He (Oborevwori) is a friend. He is a brother.


“We the Igbos are chesting out. We are not hiding to support your ambition to become our next Governor. We are not here for people to say Ohaneze is playing politics. Ohaneze will play the politics when the politics is due and when it is proper. Delta State has always been PDP and because of the support we are getting from PDP government we are looking forward and working towards retaining the PDP in government. They say the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know.


“Sheriff will not remember this but in 2014, I was going to the UK with my wife. We were at the Murtala Mohammed Airport and the shuttle bus was already filled. Behold, there was Sheriff with a friend in the bus. He saw me and said, “Oga, you are here?” He stood up for me. His friend also stood up and my wife and I sat down. My wife asked me who he was and I said that is Sheriff. She said, “Dat na the Sheriff, na him stand up for us?” He will not remember but I will not forget. I am talking about his humility. He is down to earth. If he knows you, he knows you, he does not pretend.


“When I started my hotel, there was a time I was mounting sign board at PTI Junction and Uvwie boys came asking that I do this and do that. I never knew Sheriff was passing by. He stopped and asked, “wetin, wetin, wetin?” They said I must pay money. He gave them N10,000 and asked me to continue with my business. That was in 2006. So, how humble, kind and supportive would you expect somebody to be?


“If you are hearing Sheriff Sheriff Sheriff from distance, the Sheriff I know is about one of the best human beings you can find. If we invest in him we can never make a mistake. He knows us and we know him. He is unlike somebody who has not seen you before, who does not know you and if you say Ohaneze he does not know what you are saying. This one na our own. I will summarise by saying, my brother, Sheriff, carry go.”


Responding, Oborevwori said his joy was that members of the delegation are familiar faces, people he knows, many of whom are resident in Warri and various parts of Delta Central and South towns.


Calling on the Igbos to join hands with government to produce a new face for Warri, Sapele and other communities in the area, he thanked them for not running away at the times of crisis.


“Some people were afraid. Some lost their businesses but because you believe in the place, you decided to stay and I thank God that, today, you are enjoying peace.


“I am happy that you said you will extend the same support you have extended to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to me. I want to assure you that this visit will not be a waste because the man you have come to see is that same person you have known for over 30 years. Nothing will change me. Sheriff is the same Sheriff that you have known all these years. As pioneer community Chairman in Osubi, from 1996 to 2003, I never changed. I was Special Assistant, Senior Special Assistant, Special Adviser and member of the House of Assembly, I never changed. I became Speaker, the longest serving Speaker with the most peaceful tenure, I never changed, as a proper Warri boy. I thank His Excellency and all the stakeholders for making it possible for me to be the candidate of the PDP. I am a unifier.”


Extolling the Igbos for their contributions in the development of the state, he assured that they will be given maximum support to carry out their legitimate businesses.


“In my community, the Igbos were the first to bring development and we have named some streets after them. In Osubi here, an Igbo man is Chairman of a quarter. I am one person that do not discriminate. So, if I am elected as Governor, I will remain that same person. I know God will give us victory and what the Governor has done for Igbo people, by the special grace of God, I will do more. The peace we are enjoying, we will enjoy more. The development we have seen, there will be more in terms of infrastructure, human capital and inclusiveness.”


He also called on Ohaneze to give full support for the Atiku/Okowa ticket in the Presidential election.


“Continue to support His Excellency, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa. He is an Igbo man. You live here. You don’t live in Anambra (and your other Eastern states.) You have lived here all your years. Maybe at your old age, when you retire, you may go home. But a man that you know, that you have lived with and they are giving him Vice President, has more value for you than any other person. This one is sure. The Atiku/Okowa ticket is over sure. So, continue to give him the support you have been giving to him and he will not disappoint you when he gets to the Presidency. When you get home, talk to your people that this man is good.


“We are all here. We will have to come together to get the face of a new Warri and keep building Delta State together. The three Senatorial Districts will be equally treated. I assure you no district shall be neglected.


“I won’t talk about somebody who is also contesting. You know him. He said he did some things but all he did are in his village. The person is wanting to go through the back door. He went through the back door to become Senator. He wants to do back door to become Governor. No way. Ohaneze Nd’Igbo also say no way. Nd’Igbo in Delta South and Central are also saying no way. You don’t know them. You know me, we have lived together here for decades. I will listen to you and we will do more and achieve more from this 2023.”


Other members of the delegation included, Chief Ifeanyi Obunseli, Deputy President; Nze Francis Onuora, SSA to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa; Chief Austin Okwunwa, Vice President; Chief Barr N.E. Nze, past President and current Chairman, Ohaneze Council of Chiefs, Delta South and Central; Chief Charles Iwuchykwu, former President, Imo Indigenes; Comrade Ben Mordi, Chief Security Adviser; Amb Amalili Stephen, PRO; Chief Chiedozie Rueben, Publicity Secretary; Lady Florence Ngozi Ngonadi, Women Leader; Lolo Rosemary Ego Ohaeri, Deputy Women Leader; Chief Paul Chuka Oputa, Chief Welfare Officer; Peter Ezeoke, President, Ebonyi indigenes; Chief Michael Chukwu, President, Enugu indigenes; Mr Mordi Cletus, Chairman, Anioma Chapter; Andy Onyema, Youth President; and Chibuzo Nwaehiri, PRO, Tools and Motor Parts, Effurun.


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