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Idumugbe Community, Developers Accuses Delta Commissioner of Land Grabbing, Lament Losses




As the disagreement over the rightful owners of Acuilo land lingers, the Indigenes of Idumugbe Community , in Oshimili South LGA of Delta State have accused the State Commissioner for Land and Survey, Mrs Kate Onianwa, of acquiring Idumugbe land for her personal use.

Speaking with newsmen at Asaba, the Youth chairman of the  community ,Mr Micheal Ezeanya said bulldozers started demolishing structures built on the land since November, 2022.

Explaining that Idumugbe Community village in umuaji quarters, Asaba, had earlier secured a supreme court judgement against the people of Umuodafe in Ibusa over the land, the youth chairman accused the Mrs Onianwa  for attempting to use  her influence to dispossess his people of their inheritance.

Mr Ezeanya who further alleged that the State Government is flouting a court injunction on the demolition of properties said “ it means they are above the law”.

“ They started destroying people’s properties without giving them notice and they claim they are Government.

“If it is Government, there is due process Government use acquiring properties.

“You can’t just come into someone’sproperty or someone’s community and start bulldozing, destroying hard earned money.

“We have reached out to governor Ifeanyi Okowa, he said he is not aware of this.

“The court injunction to stop them was duly served from the office of the governor, office of the Attorney General, and office of the commissioner of lands.

“This is Acuilo community land in Asaba. The owners of this community land in Asaba. The owners of this properties are Idumugbe sons. It is our fathers’ land.

“If it is for Government Public use, it is ok but if it is for people in Government for self use we disagree.

“Because of this issue , the Commissioner for Land wrote a petition labelling me a kidnapper, cultist, terrorist because we stopped them last week.”

Another indigene of the community, Mr Joseph Okonta, said his house was also destroyed.

Noting that the lingering crisis is putting strain on the community’s relationship between the Government and people of Ibusa, he said that the Community is already seeking redress in court.

He Challenge the Government to appear in court so as to prove their claims and douse the tension over the land

“December 5th last year we went to court. They didn’t come to court because they are Government officials. This month we are going to court again.

“Then again, if truly they have acquired this land, then they should come to the community and tell us.” He said.

Lamenting his loss, a developer named Mr Igwe Best said “I paid about 50 million to Idumugbe family for 30 acres of land. We have clients that gave us money. All of them are crying see the damages they have cost us.

“I have developed up to half of it. Look at what they did. They scattered everything. The Government should come to our rescue. 

“I acquired it because got a supreme court judgement and they gave me the document, I showed my lawyer and he said I should go on.”

Similarly, Ambassador Emmanuel said “some people came and started demolishing my properties worth over 300 million Naira.

“Properties destroyed around this area are worth over billions of naira.

“I will not want to believe that Governor Okowa is part of this injustice.

“Each time we approach them they will pretend they don’t know what is happening here and I am sure the State Government knows.”

“When I enquired , they said one Commissioner for Land, Mrs Kate Onianwa from Ibusa did it.

“The state government should ask Mrs Kate Onianwa what is her interest in Idumugbe family land.

However the State Commissioner for Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu has said that the land was acquired by the Government but later deacquired some portions to the community.

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