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N250bn Loan: Group criticizes Pa. Clark, PANDEF for subjecting Gov Okowa to trial in public space



Members of a pressure group known as The Mid-Westerners have criticized Pa. Edwin Clark for subjecting Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to trial in the public space over N250 billion loan and his demand for Okowa’s resignation as vice presidential candidate of the peoples democratic Party (PDP), in the 2023 Presidential elections, through his open letter.

The group presented their position in an address, delivered at the Nigeria Union of Journalists ( NUJ) press center, Asaba, jointly signed by its chairman , Hon. Iwemdi Nwaham , Executive vice chairman, Prof. David Ejenobo, Deacon Fidelis Chimokwu, Secretary, and Rotarian Kenneth Okwuenu, Member.

 Stating that their disagreement on Pa. Clarks’ open letter are many, they said it is “Extremely doubtful If our revered great grandfather, at about a hundred years, will exert himself so vigorously now,

“to disturb himself mentally and even physically as to unsettle his state of equanimity by stirring the calm peace and progress of Delta State “

They blamed Pa Clark’s stand on his children, saying “it is Obvious that he has been used and cajoled”.

Continuing, “It came as a surprise that Pa. E K Clark can rise to destroy someone form the old midwestern region who is seeking the second highest political office in Nigeria just because some people hate the governor’s guts and they have successfully made our respected elder statesman to inherit such hatred.”

“For the first time since the present dispensation, a bonafide son of the midwestern region is going for the office of Vice President of Nigeria with the possibility of becoming the president in eight years time.”

Accusing the Elder Statesman of not being happy about the candidacy of Okowa because he is not an Ijaw man, they said “ he would rather fight for a man from the south eastern Nigeria to be the next president than his kit and kin from the old midwestern region.”

They averred that Pa clark is an ethnic champion who has spoken more in support of Ijaw ethnic politics than the politics of Delta State.

Reminding Chief Clark that the State House of Assembly is capable of carrying out their oversight functions over the affairs of the State, they said ‘’ We still believe that he is still being used against his will.”

Taking a swipe at the members of PANDEF for supporting Pa. Clark in calling on Sen. Okowa to give account of the N250b on the pages of newspapers, they said “We denounce in totality the gimmick of pa clark to ridicule the political integrity of our governor.”

They added that “ subjecting our Governor to trial in the public space is not right and unacceptable to us”

However, they urged Pa Clark ‘’to speak less on national issues so that he can go to the land of great beyond with the modicum of respect from his teaming supporters, adding that the “choice of Sen okowa Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa as the next president of Nigeria is irrevocable.”

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