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…Offers National Birth certificate free for New  born and children under 5years

Pregnant women, Nursing Mothers and Children Under 5years in Delta State have been given more reasons to rejoice following the launch of a new quick response code DSCHC ID Card system to access care under the equity health plan of the State health insurance schemes and to make the National Birth Certificate accessible for all newborns and children under 5 years free.

To take advantage of the opportunity, the Delta State Contributory Health Commission (DSCHS), urged pregnant women and nursing mothers to register their babies and Children Under 5 years to get the State contributory health scheme identity card.

The health commission has partnered with the National Population Commission (NPC) and the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to ensure a smooth implementation of the exercise.

While directing the expectant women and nursing mothers online on the registration process for their Children, the commission said that agents approved by the contributory health commission could be found under blue and white umbrellas or kiosks in government hospitals and health centers across the state.

He said that the identity card of the state contributory health commission, which would be issued to pregnant women, nursing mothers and Children Under 5years after registration, would enable them access free healthcare from government hospitals and Primary healthcare centers.

The State contributory health commission has said the registration process will be seamless and continous. However, pregnant women, nursing mothers and Children Under 5 years will have to come and register early before they are sick to enable them have the ID Card they will need early to be able to access the free healthcare services.

For the expectant mothers, National Birth Certificates will be issued to their newborns at birth by the NPC. At the same time, DSCHC QR Code ID Cards that will enable them access to free healthcare services until they reach five years old, will be given to all those that register.

The Services covers Maternal and Newborn Health care, Internal Medicine and Surgery.

Others are Laboratory Investment, Emergency Services and many more in the DSCHC Benefits Package.

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