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NAWOJ, FIDA, HRPC, DICI Harps on Promotion of Social Justice, Peaceful Coexistence



Sustained advocacy aimed at raising awareness on human rights violations, especially against women, children and inhuman treatments against persons have been identified as strategic approach towards social justice, peaceful coexistence and development in any society.

This was the focus during an awareness campaign in Warri organized by Chairperson of Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ, Delta State Chapter in collaboration with Human Rights Protection Congress, International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA, Warri Branch and the Development Initiative for Community Impact, DICI, to commemorate World Day of Social Justice with the theme “Bridging Gaps, Building Alliance”.

February 20 every year was designated by the 63rd United nations General Assembly to mark World Day of Social Justice targeted at the economic emancipation of women in bridging the lacuna that exists, as well as championing a coordinated world approach in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 1, 2, 3, and 10 agenda by 2030 which seek for gender equality, ending poverty, ensuring healthy living, amongst others.

By this very direction, the goals would encourage women inclusivity, address gender based inequality, ensuring social justice which in turn would impact on the global Gross Domestic Product, and huge returns to developing economies Nigeria’s due to collaborations and impact of globalization.

In commemoration of this year’s World Day of Social Justice, Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ, Delta State Chapter, led by its Chairperson, Comrade Sonia Unobunjo, flanked by members, together with the National Secretary of the Human Rights Protection Congress, Chairperson, International Federation of Women Lawyers, Warri branch and her team, and the Development Initiative for Community Impact, DICI were at the popular Polokor Market in Warri to sensitize traders, mainly women, on human rights and key social issues that would a in society.


The NAWOJ Delta Chairperson raised the need for women and other traders to be aware of their rights and stand against social injustice through cooperation with relevant human rights activist, as well as the media so as to achieve a society of equity, fairness, reiterating the need for them to be alert and speak out whenever things go wrong.

Human Rights Protection Congress National Secretary, Comrade Kelvin Ejumudo, Chairperson of International Federation of Women Lawyers, Mrs Ogechi Megbele, as well as a former Councillor in Warri South, Chief Linda Ikpuri, further stressed on the right of women, children and men alike, and made case for the protection of victims of rape, molestation and other gender based violence.

They appealed to mothers to prioritise the welfare of their children, warning against child labour and insisting that child education is a right and not a privilege.

While the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, International Federation of Women Lawyers and Human Rights Protection Congress recognized the present economic hardship in which women are the worst hit, stated that deliberate actions from members of the society in achieving social injustice can still not be overemphasized.

During the sensitization, the various groups encouraged the public to report complaints, especially on human rights violations to the group so as to see that such issues are addressed appropriately.

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