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Anioma State Creation: Senator Ned Nwoko Writes Open Letter To Constituents



Dear Noble Anioma People and Esteemed Stakeholders.

I write to you today with a heart full of hope,determination and patriotism not only as your Senator but as a fellow Anioma person who shares our collective dreams and aspirations.The creation of Anioma State is not just a political goal; it is a deeply collective mission that I have been committed to for many years.

The demand for Anioma creation is unarguably the oldest agitation in the history of Nigeria,started in the 1950s by the people of Aboh and Asaba divisions in the Western regional House of Assembly. It is a struggle that has spanned decades and one that I believe we are closer than ever to achieving.

This journey began long before I became a senator.I have been actively involved in the protracted agitation for Anioma State through various efforts and engagements. I vividly remember the central role I played,arranging crucial meetings between the then President Olusegun Obasanjo and our respected traditional rulers led by the Asagba of Asaba,late Obi Professor Chike Edozien on two occasions between 1999 and 2003,during my tenure as Member representing Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency in the House of Representatives.These historic meetings were pivotal moments in our quest for Anioma state,as were the discussions I facilitated with former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

As your elected representative,it is my solemn mandate and avowed duty to reignite this effort with renewed vigour.But more profoundly,I stand with you, shoulder to shoulder,as someone who deeply understands the significance of this noble cause.The creation of Anioma State,with Asaba as its capital,is not a self seeking political ambition—it is a vision for a brighter,more prosperous future for all of us. Nobler still -a golden chance to consummate the deepest dreams of our forebears and our cherished prospects as a people.

This initiative is not about division; it is about empowerment.We are not at war with any group.We are not fighting against the South or the Central regions. It goes far beyond linguistic,cultural and sociological gratifications.It is a peace move of progress.A movement for sustainable development.

We are striving to harness our abundant resources and exceptional manpower to build a state that reflects our potential and meets our needs. Our goal is to ensure that Anioma stands tall and proud,with the governance and representation it deserves.

I have vigorously been rallying both at the presidency and within the Senate to gather the necessary support for Anioma State. This is a joint effort, and I urge our brothers in the House of Representatives to join in this crucial endeavour.Together, we have the strength and blessing to turn this dream into reality.

Consider the benefits: Development at our doorsteps- villages and town.New society.New life for our our people. Anioma State would mean three senators instead of one, more representatives in the House, additional seats in our State Assembly, and closer, more responsive and fulfilling governance.

This increased representation will amplify our voices and ensure that our unique needs and interests are addressed. Imagine the impact of having more commissioners,more government offices,more opportunities.Think of the upswing effect – efficient administration.This is my pious point.This is the promise of Anioma State.

The question of whether Anioma will align with the South East, South-South, or Mid West is secondary.That should not be the crux of the matter.Our primary focus should be on building support from across the nation.This is not a time for division or discord. We must unite, focusing our energy on making Anioma State a reality. Insults and divisions will only hinder our progress.

As a democrat, I acknowledge the diverse and divergent opinions within our community.Democracy recognises liberty of free speech.Moreover,it is natural to have differing views,especially in a vibrant and educated population like ours. But remember, this cause is not just for the Anioma people; it is for everyone who calls Anioma home. Every resident, whether an indigene or not, shares in this vision and has a big role to play.

Agitation for Anioma state creation is a movement,long drawn,progressive, unstoppable.Consultations have been ongoing for years, and we will continue these efforts until our goal is achieved.We do not need to start a new round of consultations, as extensive groundwork has already been laid.

As the revered Asagba of Asaba once said on May 5, 2001 at a special summit of Anioma people : “ We should all resolve to have a united Anioma state.We have the men,we have the resources.Let us march forward with courage and vision,conscious of the fact that the weak are victims of history”

During my campaign, I promised the kings and Izu Anioma that I would champion this cause and also advocate for constitutional roles for our traditional rulers.I was elected on this promise, through the sovereign ballot of democracy and I stand by my word.

I recall with much pride that when one of my sons was born in 2001, I named him Anioma, a patriotic symbolism of my innate love for Anioma nation.

Now, more than ever, I ask for your unwavering support.Let us come together, united in purpose and spirit, to make Anioma State a reality.Together, we can achieve this historic milestone and pave a great dawn for all- the present and future generations.

Let Anioma rise as our collective call.The renaissance of our common patrimony.

I stand by this promise with the firmness of resolve and brightest of vision.

Yours Sincerely,

Senator Ned Munir Nwoko

Delta North Senatorial District

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