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Rommy Ezeonwuka Hails South East Governors, Joins Voice For Nnamdi Kanu’s Release



Great inventor, business mogul and sports enthusiast, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka who is the spiritual leader of the Igbo Nation has commended the South East Governors for adding a strong voice to the call for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s release.

Ezeonwuka, who is the Ogilisi Igbo (spiritual leader) stated his position in a social media chat interview he granted to journalists, following yesterday’s meeting of the governors.

The businessman, who built the first and only private games village in the South East, argued that every voice that needed to support the release of Kanu has spoken, including elder statesmen who have joined the ancestors while calling for Kanu’s release.

Ogilisi Igbo, who is also a prime investor in several fields, including education, with his heavy input into the development of Tansian University Anambra State, also joined voice to the call, urging the Nigerian authorities to release Kanu.

He cautioned that anyone who fails to heed to the numerous calls does not mean well for Ndi Igbo and should never expect any goodwill from the Igbo Nation.

His words “I as the spiritual leader of Igbo land, am thanking the South East Governors for the move they have made, appealing to the Nigerian authorities to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I have now decided to back all the people that are backing the release of Nnamdi Kanu. I am coming out to say this based on the entire South East Governors.

“The governors of the South East have spoken with one voice, crying for one thing-that the authorities should release Nnamdi Kanu. The people who are supposed to speak have spoken. If you add the voice of the governors, with the Igbo stakeholders and the general overseers of the various churches, you find out that any authority holding Kanu does not believe in Igbos.

“That authority should not expect to receive any goodwill from Ndi Igbo, because the governors have added voice to the voices of the stakeholders.

“When I say stakeholders, you talk of Mbazuluike Amaechi, may his soul rest in peace. He died crying for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. Colonel Nwaoboshi has died crying for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. Okwadike Igbo Ukwu Chukwuemeka Ezeife has died crying for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. Iwuanyanwu has cried for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. Traditional rulers of Igbo Nation have cried for the release of Nnamdi Kanu.
Myself as the spiritual leader has been emboldened by these calls to ask the authorities that whoever should speak have spoken.

“Therefore, that authority that continues to hold Nnamdi Kanu now is trying to rubbish the Igbo Nation, because, whoever shall speak has spoken. South East Governors minus none says, release Nnamdi Kanu, all Igbo stakeholders says release Nnamdi Kanu. All the general overseers have called for the release of Nnamdi Kanu.

“And now that authority that holds him is being advised by the spiritual leader of Igbo nation, the Ogilisi Igbo to release Nnamdi Kanu, so that peace may prevail”, he stated in the interview.

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