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Enugu APC Senatorial Candidate Escapes Assassination 



The Enugu East Senatorial Candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Engineer Lawrence Ezeh escaped assassination on Friday 18th January, when hoodlums attacked his campaign train in Enugu, setting one of his branded Sienna buses on fire.

The incident took place at Iva Valley Primary school, Enugu.

According to an eye witness, a team of hoodlums trailed the campaign train of Prince Ezeh, probably with the intention to attack the group.

Speaking with journalists, a member of the campaign train said “We noticed that an unmarked bus was following us all the way from Coal Camp when we went to campaign. After a while, it disappeared. We didn’t know they followed us to Iva Valley, not until one of our Sienna buses went into flames”.

A resident of Valley Road 2, who spoke on the condition of anonymity said he saw the incident while walking home

He said “They came in a small bus. One of them stepped down from the car and threw something at the campaign Sienna while the bus drove slowly. Then he jumped into their bus as it caught flames and they drove off fast.



” I was the one who started shouting but it was dark and there was a lot of noise coming from the files where they were campaigning. Luckily, people ran up quickly and we used sand to quench the fire”, he added

Further speaking, he revealed that the men had been arguing on whether to attack the crowd gathered at the campaigns or not but gave up the idea when one warned that the crowd would over power them. “That was when they settled for burning the bus”.

The APC candidate rose to popularity in Enugu State for his philanthropy, which includes the repair of 3 government bridges, construction of a 4.5 kilometer asphalt road with ditches and street lights.

Ezeh has also placed over 50 kids on life scholarship in Nkanu East Local Government where he hails from.

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