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CSO Pushes for Monitoring of Water Facilities in Delta



As the Government of Delta State intensity efforts to provide clean water, Deltans have been advised to protect its facilities and supply in their communities.

State Project Manager for Society for Society for Water and (NEWSAN), Dr. Agboro Eseoghene Andrew, gave the advice recently, in an exclusive interview with The Truth, at Asaba.

According to Dr Agboroh , some areas already provided with clean water suffer vandalization of its facilities which leads to loss of revenue.

Also, the State Water Corporation encounters challenges of lack of power coupled with the availability of disel to power generating set for the pumping of water.

Heads however advocated for government’s monitoring of funds for water supply as well as “inclusive participation” of members of members of the community to enable the institution deliver on its mandate.

“There is treated water supply from the Delta State Urban Water Corporation at Ogwashi-Uku and Ozoro now but the supply of the water compared to the population is abysmal to its demand.

“ one challenge the people have is diesel to pump water for at least four hours. Money provided for diesel seem not to be enough.

“Also, some areas where government have provided this service, people do not want to connect. They want to burst the pipes to fetch water to their houses. At the end, people will not get this water at all.

“the Governor cannot come from Asaba to protect these things for us. He has provided the service and as members of these communities, we should protect these pipes. Anyone found wanting should be prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others interested in doing same thing.

“ Another challenge these people have is diesel for them to pump water for at least four hours.

“These operations should be properly monitored to ensure the effectiveness of Government’s plan for the people. Inclusive participation of all groups involved can stop these impediments.”

However, the Project Manager emphasized the need to consume only treated water for healthy status.

Encouraging subscription to government services for its quality, he said it is cheaper for drinking and healthier.

He said “ most private borehole are like 3-6 meters to the ground and the water coming out from them are not treated. At there are a lot of petrochemicals in the water system like led and dead remains from soak away pit. This is not safe.

“ Water provided by the Corporation is purer even if it is not treated because it is 600 meters to the ground. It is better that the one from borehole and it is treated with chlorine. Those aggregates are no longer there and it is safe for drinking.

“ this water is also cheaper because not everyone can afford sachet water. Not everyone can afford sachet water because in riverine areas , 90% of the people fetch water with faeces floating and they use their hand to push it away . they keep this water with mud for Four to five hours to settle down before they drink.

“ the people should subscribe to services of the government if it is available .”

Sensitisations, trainings , as well as monthly meetings , on sanitation has been held by the Civil Society Organization, for different groups in the State .

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