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GIGG Spokesperson says only Igbo man can fix Nigeria



The Lagos Branch Spokesperson of Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG), Comrade Sunny Chuks Isaac


The Lagos Branch Spokesperson of Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG), Comrade SunnyChuks Isaac, has opined that only an Igbo man can fix Nigeria at this point because she has gone very deep into tough times that unless something is done fast, our condition may get out of hand.

SunnyChuks while speaking on a TV program on Wednesday said that the present recession could’ve been avoided if the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari had taken professional advice, engaged the services of seasoned economists that would’ve given us a better chances of defeating recession, notwithstanding the Coronavirus pandemic we experienced. This is not time to defend economic policies on paper that never translated in our lives, this is time to hand over to proven entities to help Nigeria survive. I am certain that we have not run out of solutions. This is why I have cued into this clarion call to use wisdom to save our nation.

As a matter of clarity, I was among the few that insisted that Nigeria don’t need a president of Igbo extraction, but events of recent have made me to reconsider that position because the diversity of the Nigerian entity is such that until equity and fairness is applied, Nigeria will continue to crawl in the woods when other countries are developing at a flashlight speed.

The issue of agitation, insecurity and dwindling economy has continued to escalate the precarious situation and unemployment is at its peak like we never had it at any other time simply because we have been expecting to keep doing the same thing to get a different result.

But I stand to argue that the Igbos have been the only race in Nigeria that has proved that they can turn around desperate situations when the need arises, and so we need that tenacity to bear in Nigeria now. The managerial experience of the Igbo race will turn around Nigeria, therefore we must not keep sacrificing our chances of recreating a progressive Nigeria on the alter of Igbo-Phobia.

“I am calling on every well meaning Nigerian to rally support for the quest to have Nigeria President of Igbo extraction in 2023 as this will help address a lot of factors that had held Nigeria down on its knees.

“I do not believe that any nation can progress with infighting and acrimony among the composing entities and we have seen that this particular cankerworm have continued to eat up our fabrics and unless we do something to address it, Nigeria may have worse challenge in the nearest feature.

“We must first of all give a sense of belonging to Igbos to reintegrate them back into the mainstream as part of the Nigeria project which will help to bury the notion that Nigeria belongs to the Norrh alone.

“This is not a time to pretend that all is well, we all know that Nigeria’s unity lies in her diversity and it was on these principles that the founding fathers instituted the concept of Federal Character and broke her down into geopolitical zones. This must be a pattern to adopt and salvage her as a nation. This is the time to borrow the wisdom of our founding fathers because our own wisdom have not fared us well.

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