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*Laughable Survival Prank Of Sponsored Political Fugitives

The attention of COALITION OF ANIOMA PROFESSIONALS (CAP), a pressure group dedicated to the overall well-being of Anioma people world-wide has been drawn to a childish and laughable statement by a faceless cohort, under a fake name “Ndokwa Renaissance”.

Sponsored, ostensibly, by a veiled political cartel, the hirelings threatened to mobilise the people of Delta North Senatorial District to recall Senator Ned Nwoko from the Senate.

The unknown figureheads who signed the statement, Chinedu Ebgenumolise and Dr. Uti Onyeukwu, said they were incensed by the comments of the distinguished Senator Ned Nwoko on the floor of the Senate calling for the creation of Anioma State to be carved out of Delta State in the South-South and ceded to the South East as part of measures to address alleged marginalisation of the geo-political zone.

Democracy indeed creates an libertarian atmosphere for political artisans to exhibit unbridled freedom.

Queerly, the labyrinths of democracy inadvertently provide an umbrella for the ignorant, mischief maker and even the rebellious – the right to public display of sheer ignorance, crudity and mischief.

This obviously explains why the fifth columnist group, “Ndokwa Renaissance”, pranked itself yesterday with a worthless statement.

Their shallow grouse is that Senator Nwoko proceeded with his advocacy for the proposed Anioma State “without due consultation of the people of Delta North who will be negatively affected by such a move.”

We are persuaded to address these political pranksters, scoundrels and hired fugitives, not for their worth of precious time or any ounce of dignity, as it is their means of survival; but to seize this opportunity to further buttress the unassailable vision that spurred Senator Ned Nwoko – the Prince of Anioma (as recently christened by the Council of Anioma Traditional Rulers) – to reactivate the Anioma dream.

The Anioma State creation project is not a new one. It is a vision founded on very concrete foundation and the framework already set out by our forebears. The quest for Anioma State cannot and will not be consigned to vicious partisan interests, as represented by the amorphous Ndokwa Renaissance.

What the Prince of Anioma is currently doing at the Senate is crossing the T-s and dotting the I-s by way of lobby and horse trading with his peers at the National Assembly and relevant stakeholders at the Presidency across the Federation, using his vast contacts and esteemed position.

Down here in Delta North, the inspirited legislator has met with the *Delta North* body of traditional rulers and royal fathers at the Palace of our revered Obi of Owa, HRM, Obi Emmanuel Efeizomor II and has received unflinching royal support and blessings for the actualisation of this decades-long Anioma dream.

To the South East, the senator is already working with like minds and interest groups such as political leaders, the Coalition of Anioma Professionals (CAP), the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, community Presidents-General, community sub-groups and other critical stakeholders concerned.

It also needs to be stated that the most distinguished Senator Nwoko recently met with 26 traditional rulers in obior and they not only passed a vote of confidence in him but also confirmed their support of the creation of anioma state in its entirety

Talking about insecurity, it is laughable for these fifth columnists to think that Anioma people would frightfully drawback from actualising the state creation project just by playing up insecurity blackmail card.

May be as aliens, they need to be told that virtually all six regions of the Nigerian Federation have their peculiarities in terms of insecurity and insurgency. As it is Kanu Nnamdi’s IPoB in the South East, so it is Sunday Igboho’s Oduduwa Republic agitation in the South West and the militancy in the South South; Boko Haram in the North East and banditry/communal wars in the North Central and West.

We therefore call on idle fugitives, such as Chinedu Ebgenumolise and Uti Onyeukwu, to turn a new leaf and desist from their sinister activities.

Furthermore, we respectfully request all worthy sons and daughters of Anioma not to be distracted but continue to prayerfully support this worthy cause as we sail through with the birth of *the long-awaited* Anioma State.

Signed :

Apostle Victor Sorokwu (Ugo-Anioma)
Igbo Media Professionals (iMP)

Chief Barr. Steve Uwaechie (Ugagbe-eze)
Ohaneze Ndigbo (Delta State Chapter)

Dr. Chika Ogonwa
Secretary General

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